From:  Ibrahima SARR <>
Date:  18 Jan 2015 23:26:43 Hong Kong Time

Re: Communities in Africa


Hi my awesome  friends,
First of all, I'd like to Congratulate San James for his election as a
Council member.
I truly believe he has been giving the best he can to Mozilla projects in
Africa (Uganda in particular).
As for our communities in Africa, I think it is a great initiative to
document them and know exactly more about each community. I am sure there
are more unknown heroes than we might actually think.
It is also hight time we focus on the continent as a core source of Mozilla
development instead of just echoing what is happening elsewhere!
Our engagement, passion and knowledge of the area
and the people should encourage Mozilla to empower
"us" even more so we in turn can have a more significant impact on the
people's lives.
How can Mozilla empower communities the way we dream it if nothing
significant actually
happens in the continent. We have travelled abroad more than we have in
Africa usually to attend events or participate in activities initiated

Yes San James we need staff from Africa and many of them! Personally I even
think Mozilla should create at least two Spaces in Africa: one for the
North (Arabic speakers), one in the East (Swahili/English etc...) and one
in the West
(mostly French speaking). Language barrier is also an issue for federating
energies as English, Arabic and French as not used evenly is those areas.
So a community steward should be able to talk to them all
Finally I would like to invite us all to think about planning a big even in
2015 while our friends ans Council member Sans James is our voice.

Thanks all
Ibrahima Sarr
Mozilla Reps Mentor

 Le 19 déc. 2014 10:27, "San Emmanuel James" 
a écrit :

> Dear Mozilla Reps,
> I hope that you are all well,
> Let me start by writing to thank you all for your trust and support during
> the council campaigns and elections. Our unity and commitment to this cause
> has brought us this far.
> Allow me to also congratulate Lawrence and Ibraahima for becoming mentors.
> As you can see the family is growing. As you all know, mentors and council
> members nominate reps to become mentors as such if you believe that you
> have reached that level where you can mentor others, please share your
> experiences and activities with either your mentor or other mentors within
> this community and beyond and they will follow up and nominate you
> accordingly.
> The principle aim of writing though is to begin a discussion thread on
> growing our communities in Africa. I'm currently not sure yet how many
> communities we have but would love to know more about the different
> communities and challenges that they are facing as well as the success'
> that they have achieved so far.
> I have created this etherpad:
> I also wanted to find out your opinion as to whether you think it would
> help to have a community steward in charge of African communities as
> something we can push for. Ideally, the east asian communities have Gen,
> the hispanos have a number of staff and I guess it is something that would
> help Africa too.
> The move is towards regional meetups/mozcamps and we will have to do one
> for Africa. We need to begin to think in that direction and plan for this
> accordingly.
> Finally, I would love to re-echo that for this one year, I'm your voice
> and ears to the council, yes you can contact the council directly but if
> you would like to have a discussion with me first or have me air your
> opinions, I will be most obliged.
> If there is anything important I have left out, please let us know. Also
> if you have a key event happening in your country or close that you think
> reps need to be involved in, that needs travel and prior planning, please
> share accordingly.
> Otherwise, wishing you all a very merry christmas and prosperous 2015.
> --
> San Emmanuel James
> Community Lead, Mozilla Uganda
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> Tel. +256775955559, +256711955559
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