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Date:  15 Jan 2015 21:43:09 Hong Kong Time

Re: Communities in Africa


Hi JB,

Thanks for letting me know,

I'm happy to help. Are you having planning meetings? do you already have a
planning pad?

Once I have some more background information, I will be happy to dive in.

San James.

On Wed, Jan 14, 2015 at 5:22 PM, Jb ochieng 

> Hello James,
> Happy New Year to you too, I, Ash, Oarabile and a few other guys are
> planning a firefoxOS tour in Africa actually, our main reason for this is
> that Firefox OS is expected to launch soon and it would be great to
> create a hype around it and also get people interested in creating local
> content for this platform. With content Firefox OS will become success in
> the region, so we would be glad if you helped us around this, especially
> with content, we are working on the budgets and i we shall forward them to
> you before sending them out. we would like more ideas on this and please
> any one interested to help will be much appreciated.
> Thank you
> On Fri, Dec 19, 2014 at 12:27 PM, San Emmanuel James <
>> wrote:
>> Dear Mozilla Reps,
>> I hope that you are all well,
>> Let me start by writing to thank you all for your trust and support during
>> the council campaigns and elections. Our unity and commitment to this
>> cause
>> has brought us this far.
>> Allow me to also congratulate Lawrence and Ibraahima for becoming mentors.
>> As you can see the family is growing. As you all know, mentors and council
>> members nominate reps to become mentors as such if you believe that you
>> have reached that level where you can mentor others, please share your
>> experiences and activities with either your mentor or other mentors within
>> this community and beyond and they will follow up and nominate you
>> accordingly.
>> The principle aim of writing though is to begin a discussion thread on
>> growing our communities in Africa. I'm currently not sure yet how many
>> communities we have but would love to know more about the different
>> communities and challenges that they are facing as well as the success'
>> that they have achieved so far.
>> I have created this etherpad:
>> I also wanted to find out your opinion as to whether you think it would
>> help to have a community steward in charge of African communities as
>> something we can push for. Ideally, the east asian communities have Gen,
>> the hispanos have a number of staff and I guess it is something that would
>> help Africa too.
>> The move is towards regional meetups/mozcamps and we will have to do one
>> for Africa. We need to begin to think in that direction and plan for this
>> accordingly.
>> Finally, I would love to re-echo that for this one year, I'm your voice
>> and
>> ears to the council, yes you can contact the council directly but if you
>> would like to have a discussion with me first or have me air your
>> opinions,
>> I will be most obliged.
>> If there is anything important I have left out, please let us know. Also
>> if
>> you have a key event happening in your country or close that you think
>> reps
>> need to be involved in, that needs travel and prior planning, please share
>> accordingly.
>> Otherwise, wishing you all a very merry christmas and prosperous 2015.
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