From:  Gervase Markham <>
Date:  08 Apr 2013 19:43:54 Hong Kong Time

Re: Meeting notes from April 4


On 05/04/13 20:02, Liz Henry wrote:
> glob had some interesting thoughts about inviting the community to
> make brief screencasts that would walk people through some interesting
> use of Bugzilla.  Here is the list of ideas:
> Please add more ideas if you think of good ones.   I like the idea of
> filing these as  bugs, one bug per screencast idea.  David Boswell
> said that if we outline a bunch of suggested screencasts, it would be
> a great thing to open up to Mozilla Reps and the broader community to
> record and contribute.  I'm not sure yet where we'd host them, but I
> love the general idea!

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Great minds think alike; I'm in the middle of rebuilding Bugzilla for
Humans (johnath's video) as a Popcorn presentation, which can be
translated, edited, remixed etc. much more easily than the original
(which is now out of date in a couple of regards). I think Popcorn is a
better way to go than videos because of the interactivity and remixability.

It's a good question as to whether it's better to do a series of short
screencasts or one long one. Perhaps we need one longer "introduction to
Bugzilla", covering things that most Bugzilla users will need to know,
and then a series of shorter ones covering more specialist topics like
flags, or bugmail filtering, or the API.