From:  Liz Henry <>
Date:  06 Apr 2013 03:02:58 Hong Kong Time

Meeting notes from April 4


Hi there bug people,

Here's the notes from yesterday's bugmaster meeting:

glob had some interesting thoughts about inviting the community to
make brief screencasts that would walk people through some interesting
use of Bugzilla.  Here is the list of ideas:

Please add more ideas if you think of good ones.   I like the idea of
filing these as  bugs, one bug per screencast idea.  David Boswell
said that if we outline a bunch of suggested screencasts, it would be
a great thing to open up to Mozilla Reps and the broader community to
record and contribute.  I'm not sure yet where we'd host them, but I
love the general idea!

- Liz

Liz Henry