From:  Kevin Brosnan <>
Date:  26 Mar 2016 05:08:40 Hong Kong Time

Re: Dealing with old bugs


This particular bug is likely a dupe of bug 300710. The behavior changed in
Firefox 28. Bug 984152 was filed against Firefox 27. Previously Firefox
followed Safari (OS X HIG) behavior of not allowing right clicks on most
elements. Though it is hard to say as the reporter is probably a non-native
English speaker and thus did not use terminology


On Mar 24, 2016 23:39, "Scott Macpherson"  wrote:

> Hi all. What's the best way for a Bugzilla newbie to help deal with old
> bugs which are suspected to be invalid or dead? For example, 984152
> hasn't been touched for two years, and doesn't have a huge amount of
> details to help with confirmation. It reads like a feature request
> rather than a bug as well.
> Cheers,
> Scott.
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