From:  Byron Jones <>
Date:  02 Apr 2013 00:31:54 Hong Kong Time

Re: user profiles


Liz Henry wrote:
> As I picture it, it isn't a getting to know you page for your photo 
> and location and interests -- it's a way for people to see exactly 
> where they have contributed.
that's how i pictured it too -- it isn't a "profile of a person", rather 
a "profile of someone's activity in bugzilla".
what happens with mozillians integration is very much separate from this 
> If someone wanted to make little popups with people's pictures, it 
> would require checking the if the logged in user is vouched on 
> mozillians, since the info there should only be displayed them. That 
> check should probably happen when a user first logs in to BMO, not 
> every time they hover over a person's name. But that seems a bit busy 
> in any case - perhaps better kept to the users's profile page.
i would prefer to add a link to their mozillians profile (if provided) 
to the existing menu which is shown when you click on a user.  this will 
be trivial to implement, and we don't need to worry about messing with 
the mozillians api and verification.

later on we can (and should!) look at bringing relevant data directly 
onto the bugzilla page.

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