From:  Liz Henry <>
Date:  29 Mar 2013 20:27:26 Hong Kong Time

Re: user profiles


On 3/29/13 6:49 AM, Gervase Markham wrote:

> My concern here is that many Mozillians already have multiple profiles -
> a Reps one, a one, addons, SUMO... We want to avoid
> multiplying profiles across Mozilla sites - it's a pain to keep it all
> updated and in sync. Instead, we should be moving towards storing
> generic profile information (name, email, photo, interests) centrally in
>, and using that data on other products and sites,
> displayed together with product-specific stuff like bug filing rates or
> whatever.

The Bugzilla user profile would display collected information about a
user's activity in Bugzilla.

As I picture it, it isn't a getting to know you page for your photo and
location and interests -- it's a way for people to see exactly where
they have contributed.  It exposes possible next paths -- the low stats
or zeros indicate what they can do and learn about next. I'd love to
keep it simple, and keep it text, and stick to the information that
people already tell us when they make a bugzilla account.

Peeking into Mozillians, and linking to it if the BZ user has a
Mozillians profile, is a possibility. If the user doesn't have a
Mozillians profile, there can be a link to Mozillians encouraging them
to sign up there.

If someone wanted to make little popups with people's pictures, it would
require checking the if the logged in user is vouched on mozillians,
since the info there should only be displayed them.  That check should
probably happen when a user first logs in to BMO, not every time they
hover over a person's name. But that seems a bit busy in any case -
perhaps better kept to the users's profile page.

- liz

> The popup might look something like this:
> Gervase Markham                       Photo
> gerv                                  over
> Sheffield, UK                         here
> I work on: community peacekeeping, Bugzilla and
>, security...
> [More info]
> The point of this is that we can get to know each other better when we
> have more info to "hang" an interaction on than just a Bugzilla handle.
> It makes people more memorable.
> Of course, having a plan and having time to implement it are two
> different things. If anyone has some cycles and is interested in doing
> this, let me know. Bugzilla's in Perl (although I could help with that),
> and you'll need to know JS and CSS too.
> Gerv
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