From:  David Blayney <>
Date:  13 Mar 2014 21:20:02 Hong Kong Time

Hello, I'm new here!


Hi guys! I'm new to QMO (and Mozilla volunteering in general) so I figured
I may as well introduce myself. I've been using Firefox pretty much since I
stopped using Chrome due to all of this NSA stuff blowing up. I'm a student
from Australia and I have previously done some work in SUMO.

I'm interested in getting started in QMO so I figured that becoming a
Bugmaster may just do it. I don't have access to IRC due to technical
reasons but I'd like some help with getting started. I currently use
Firefox and Nightly and I'd be interested in triaging and verifying bugs.

My rather bare Mozillian profile can be found here, I'm looking forward to becoming
part of the Mozilla community.