From:  Liz Henry <>
Date:  14 Nov 2013 03:45:59 Hong Kong Time

Bugmasters meeting Thursday, 9am PST


Hello, bug people!

We have a meeting this week, tomorrow at 9am.  Here's the meeting details:

I'd like to use some of that meeting to go through either incoming bugs
or the Firefox Untriaged UNCO list (FFUNCO2mo)

For incoming bug triage,, we're still
seeing around 50 UNCONFIRMED bugs for any 24 hour period. That sometimes
drops over the course of a weekday to 10 or so as the intrepid bug
wranglers and QA folks go through them.

The 2-month Firefox Untriaged UNCONFIRMED list has really dropped over
the last few months to hold steady at around 200 bugs:  .
Looking back at -180 to -60 days, two months ago, there are still 260 or
so bugs left in UNCONFIRMED. I'd like to make a dent in that as well as
dropping the -60d list significantly.


- Liz

Liz Henry