From:  Liz Henry <>
Date:  15 Oct 2013 03:29:11 Hong Kong Time

Summit report, and next meeting Oct. 17


Hello, bug people!

I had a great time at the Mozilla Summit last week and met a lot of
contributors and co-workers in person for the first time. It was great!

In Toronto I gave a short talk with Awesome Bugzilla Tricks and those
present had a good discussion about our bug triaging work, and how we
triage or do other work in  I wrote a description
of the talk and discussion, with slides, here:

Bugmaster meetings will re-start this week, and keep on going every
other Thursday at 9:30 AM Pacific. (UTC: Wednesday at 16:30:00) .

This week for triaging I am dividing my time between UNCO bugs filed
today (  and Firefox UNCO from the last two months
( which
is currently around 410 total bugs. I'd like to get that FFUNCO2mo
number down to 350 or below this week, and then keep going to FFUNCO2mo

My goal in reducing bugs in this category is to catch more of the
relevant bugs that might get fixed and released, before they age out of

Cheers, and triage on!

- lizzard

Liz Henry