From:  Liz Henry <>
Date:  28 Mar 2013 03:21:22 Hong Kong Time
Subject: user profiles


Hello there bug wranglers!

I have been thinking and talking about user profiles in Bugzilla with
glob and dkl, and have described what I'm picturing in an Etherpad doc.
 If you would like to see the direction that's going, here is the etherpad:

I know that Gerv has had some intentions to use the Mozillians API in
some way inside bugzilla, perhaps to display a link to a contributor's profile in a tooltip.  And Andre (the Wikimedia
bugmaster) has shown me the GNOME user activity pages which to some
extent are a combination user dashboard and profile.

The user profile I would like to create would be text and aggregated
stats rather than a feed of activity. It will expose patterns in the
"shape" of what Bugzillians do. It will also be a simple tool to expose
to users where they tend to contribute, and where (and how) they can
contribute in new areas.

Ideally, this will be something that we can build in a way that will be
useful for "upstream" Bugzilla as well. I'm really excited about the
possibility of implementing round 1 of something simple and useful for a
broad spectrum of Bugzilla users.   Then we can build on that over the
course of the year.

I would love feedback and ideas on this list or in the etherpad! Or in
irc if you just want to chat.

More ideas are coming soon -- on the list and next Thursday in the
regular bugmaster meeting.



Liz Henry