From:  Liz Henry <>
Date:  24 Jul 2013 04:54:33 Hong Kong Time

Bug day report for July


Hi there bug people,

We held a second SUMO bug day last week and went through around 30 bugs,
still focusing on checking on and clearing out older bugs that hadn't
been changed since 2011. Here's the page that described what we did and
what work is still left to do:

This has partly been an experiment to see how useful it is to triage
older bugs in order to get new triagers used to the process.  I would
like to continue with one more SUMO bug day in August in this same style.

Good first bug and mentored bug triage continues, not on a particular
day, but ongoing:

For this project, our aim is to keep the list of mentored and good first
bugs current.   There are a still a few dozen bugs that haven't been
changed for years, sometimes not since 2006. Those bugs seem unlikely to
be still relevant or "good first bugs".  So, I think cleanup will
continue.  We want new contributors to have good choices for bugs to fix!

The number of UNCONFIRMED bugs reported daily continues to rise. This
number was about 350-450 bugs in any 24 hour period in December 2012. It
is now usually between 450-550 bugs.

Please let me know if you are working on incoming UNCONFIRMED bugs and
have feedback about how to handle them, or would like to know more about
how to triage incoming bugs.



Liz Henry