From:  Tiziana Sellitto <>
Date:  17 Jul 2013 17:50:49 Hong Kong Time

Triaging on Windows!


Hi all bugmasters,
  after a few months of triaging on Mac I've started on triaging on Windows. I've discovered that a lot of things that I use to do on Mac are for me different, new and not so obvious on Windows, as well.
For example, I didn't know how to lunch two different Firefox instances with different profile at the same time. Thanks to other members, I learnt that I can add on the Firefox properties after the target for lunch the application the command "-no-remote -p" and as on other OS I'll see the profile manager. 
I've also noticed that all the wiki or support forum links that I've collected and I use to help people and/or reporter during triage are valid only for Mac, for example. So I'd like to gather link to wiki page or other useful info for Windows,too.

These could be used to create a wiki page aimed to collect some info and utility, tips and tricks,  for bugmasters and/or newcomers.
I'd like to start form typical user suggestions like "add a new profile", "safe mode on windows" , or everything you think could be useful to add to bug reported during triage! Please add any suggestion do you thinks could be useful :)

This is the first link I've found and one initial trick:
-  "-no-remote -p" on each Firefox properties target to lunch more than one Firefox instance at the same time ;)