From:  Liz Henry <>
Date:  09 Jul 2013 04:02:23 Hong Kong Time

Support bug day July 18th


Hi there bugmasters and friends,

Next week on Thursday July 18, we are having follow-up bug triage day
for support-related bugs. Here's the description for it:

We will be looking at bugs that affect the support community's
infrastructure. There are around 580 open bugs for
With feedback from the last SUMO bug day, I've changed the queries for
our triage team, so that they exclude bugs that the sumo devs have
marked as part of a sprint for 2013. That gives us 472 open bugs to triage!

Here's what we can do:

--- 472 bugs is a lot!  It may be more useful to pick a smaller
category from the wiki page that I set up for the triage day. Pick one,
and on that wiki page, add your name underneath the category you'd like
to triage.

--- Try to understand and replicate the bug. Leave a comment if you can
add useful information.

--- It may help to clear away some of the older bugs that aren't
relevant anymore. If you find a bug that you think isn't relevant,
because it's based on a feature that seems not to exist any more, please
check in the #bugmasters channel, then resolve it.

I am also inviting the SUMO devs from the #sumodev irc channel and list. The primary devs are r1cky, mythmon,
rdalal, and willkg. Their team's information is here:  As we delve into the
mysterious underworld of SUMO, this page may be a useful resource!

Kadir, Rosana, and Madelina are from the SUMO team as well. I hope they
will be able to join us for a while on Thursday, to give the
bug-managing a try!



Liz Henry