From:  Liz Henry <>
Date:  05 Jun 2013 01:31:01 Hong Kong Time

Support bug day, June 6th


Hi there bugmasters and friends,

This Thursday, June 6, we are having a bug triage day for
support-related bugs. Here's the description for it:

We will be looking at bugs that affect the support community's
infrastructure. There are around 600 open bugs for

Here's what we can do:

--- It may help to clear away some of the older bugs that aren't
relevant anymore. If you find a bug that isn't relevant, resolve it. If
you're not sure, ask in the #bugmasters irc channel.

--- We can request more information for bugs that have been reported,
but for which there isn't enough information to know what to do next.
Mark these bugs with "needinfo", flagging a person who may know more
about the bug. That may be the reporter, a commenter, or a developer or
module peer who works on

--- 600 bugs is quite a lot!  It may be more useful to pick a smaller
category from the wiki page that I set up for the triage day. Pick one,
and on that wiki page, add your name underneath the category you'd like
to triage.

I am also inviting the SUMO devs from the #sumodev irc channel and list. The primary devs are r1cky, mythmon,
rdalal, and willkg. Their team's information is here:  As we delve into the
mysterious underworld of SUMO, this page may be a useful resource!

Kadir, Rosana, and Madelina are from the SUMO team as well. I hope they
will be able to join us for a while on Thursday, to give the
bug-managing a try!



Liz Henry