From:  Liz Henry <>
Date:  18 May 2013 06:56:09 Hong Kong Time

Bugmaster meeting notes, May 16


Hello bug people!

The bugmasters meeting notes from May 16 are here:

At some point it was protocol to mark spam/test bugs as duplicates of
this bug:
glob and dkl mentioned that they don't ever check this or do anything
with the information. So glob suggested that we stop duping bugs to it,
and simply close them as invalid. Does anyone use this as data? Could we
use some other technique to mark spam/test bugs -- put [spam] in the
summary or in a whiteboard flag, if so? Or, can someone explain, if
there a good reason to mark spam as dupes of a single bug?

I forgot to mention in the meeting that in late April, a group of us
triaged through over 100 mentored and good first bugs, and got the
number of them that had been inactive/untouched for over two weeks down
to zero.  In practice that may mean that the bug is still in limbo and
the person assigned may not have touched the bug for a year and we are
still waiting for them to answer.  But it also means that the next
person to look at that bug will know that it's probably available. We
ended up eliminating some bugs from "good first" and "mentored" simply
because they had become obsolete or because of other factors mentioned
by the mentors.



Liz Henry