From:  Tyler Downer <>
Date:  12 Apr 2013 06:41:42 Hong Kong Time

Re: Fwd: Resolved: Support status change - opinions?


This is something SUMO looked at about a year ago (something I drove). 
We have the ability to create a SUPPORT resolution on BMO, and have that 
auto create a thread on SUMO with that question (making this process 
seamless to the user). This would be alot of dev work on the SUMO side, 
and when we looked into this last, we would maybe be moving a couple of 
threads a week over to SUMO. Our decision at the end of it was it wasn't 
worth the dev effort to implement this.

I would however be interested in seeing if the numbers have changed, and 
what the estimated usage of this feature would be. If we would be moving 
several threads a day over (like 5+) then this would be higher priority 
than if it's 1-2 threads a week.

The other option is just to close the thread as SUPPORT and have BMO 
automatically give a reply directing the user to SUMO. We could drive 
this change first to see the estimated impact and if this feature is 
frequently used, then we can pursue option 1.

Tyler Downer
Support Analyst, Mozilla

On 4/11/13 3:33 PM, Liz Henry wrote:
> Hi there bug tamers,
> I would love more feedback on the proposed addition of the Support flag
> on the RESOLVED status.  It would be for marking bugs that we resolve
> where we suggest the bug reporter go to the Support forums.
> If what you do in bug triage would be affected by this, what do you
> think? It is fine to let us know here on the list, email me, chat in
> IRC, or comment on the bug!  Any way that you want to give feedback.
> Commenting on the bug is probably best, though!
> Best,
> Liz