From:  "Matthew N." <>
Date:  03 Nov 2016 12:26:55 Hong Kong Time

Initial development focus


Hey everyone,

There was recently a shift in development to the preference dialogs (perhaps partly my fault for things being blocked) but I don't think it's the best focus for our limited development resources. Preferences is in M1 so we can have profiles for testing (since we aren't implementing the doorhanger in this milestone) but that was also based on working on the core problem (autofill/autocomplete) in parallel. Since we only have two developers now, I think we should focus on getting the harder problems solved and laying the foundation for others to iterate on eventually. Steve and Luke have context on autofill/autocomplete that someone new to the team wouldn't have so I think leaving the more straightforward preference work for people new to the team would be ideal.

For example, I think focusing on bug 1300990 and 1304634 would be most valuable.

Does that make sense? We need to do the preference work eventually so it's not wasted effort to do it now but I think it's not helping us move forward on the core of the feature.

Let me know what you think,