From:  "Government Procurements"<>
Date:  23 Mar 2019 13:17:38 Hong Kong Time

Federal Supply Order RFQ/0669/19.....


Salutation to you again,

Our follow-up mail to your company for the placement of order keeps returning undelivered. If you receive this, you may kindly re-send the requested quote directly to this office, including your products / services presentation, your best CIF Port prices and your payment terms for evaluation and placement of the order to commence supplies if your offer meets our allocated budget for the contract supplies.

Kindly respond also in the English language as well for our Foreign Office personnel. 

Thank you.

HON O. Karlo,
MoFEP South Sudan,
Juba, Central Equitoria, South Sudan.
T: 09-124401766. T: 0122-249178
W: Http://