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Date:  07 Feb 2019 13:41:57 Hong Kong Time

Preview Plástico Brasil and Feiplastic


plástico moderno brazilian magazine
Special Editions:
Plastic Brazil and Feiplastic
Pre-Show (Plástico Brasil): It is the publication with the largest distribution and repercussion during the 5 days of the show, will be distributed before the event to the readers of the magazine and will have an extra circulation that will be distributed every day of the event, generating more business for the advertising companies.

Pre-Show (Feiplastic):
This preview edition of Feiplastic is already awaited by the market. It will be distributed to visitors and exhibitors throughout the day of the show.

Coverage (Plástico Brasil and Feiplastic):
Read by 90% of PLÁSTICO BRASIL and FEIPLASTIC´s visitors, besides 45.000* readers per month of the print version and 10.000 of the online version. All the relevant informations and new products brought to the industry and more sales opportunities for you!
Bonus, exclusive and free for advertisers of the three above issues.

Advertisers guarantee the inclusion of your company, products, address, phone and email on the best guide of manufacturers and distrubutors of resins, additives, masterbaches, dyes, machinery, equipments, acessories, controlers, molds, robots of internet in Brazil.

Reply to this email or contact me at the addresses below we will check together the best shape of your participation.

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