Date:  13 Jan 2019 10:12:42 Hong Kong Time

Re: Private Placement Portfolio Investment


We are seeking soft loan funds for clean energy projects in Nepal. 

Please send your funding & investment offers. 

On Monday, April 24, 2017 at 3:15:52 PM UTC+5:45, Ernest Pinto wrote:
> Good day,
> Welcome to our Private Placement Portfolio.
> I am a Staff of a Venture Capital Firm specializing in Growth Capital Investments/Loans.We seek to invest in Projects with Public and Private sectors in a broad range of areas including Real estate, Agriculture, Energy, Oil and Gas, emerging markets and high-technology. Within the technology sector, the firm focuses on communications, software, digital content and services.
> We have the capacity to invest a considerable amount of funds in any viable project(s) that your company requires funding for on an investment capacity/Loan Application. Upon the review of your company's Project Business Plan we shall determine on the project(s) possible funding. This will be form of a silent and Private Placement Investments.
> Endeavor to respond promptly if the investment proposal meets your company's approval.
> Kind Regards,
> Ernest Pinto