From:  Robin Shelley <>
Date:  15 Nov 2018 23:56:37 Hong Kong Time

Mozilla Foundation


Robin Shelley 
POB 442 
La Jolla CA 92038 

Date: © Thur. 11-15-18  
Pacific Standard Time: 7:56 A.M. 

Magnificent Mozilla Foundation, Mitchell Baker Chairwoman of the Board, and Chris Beard, CEO.  

Dave HyattJoe Hewitt, and Blake Ross are gone

Personal and confidential. 

Tried to attach several down-load files to gmail and firefox froze my gmail, several times. 

I'm using chrome which is acting normal for attachments. 

Your staff is screwing up firefox. 

This is what destroyed Bill Gates Hot Mail when he hired a staff to "improve" an already perfect e-mail. 

Their tinkering and change "improvements" then destroyed Hot Mail. 

Bill Gates being a billionaire didn't care. His moral ego was satisfied. 

Every update of Firefox is making it worse and worse. 

I expect that firefox corp will take revenge against me for this email. 

Be prosperous, 

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