From:  "Justin Wood (Callek)" <>
Date:  10 Dec 2011 14:46:00 Hong Kong Time

SeaMonkey 2.6 Beta 3 Release -- New Features and Fixes


The SeaMonkey project is proud to present SeaMonkey 2.6 Beta 3: The new 
major release of the all-in-one Internet suite is available for download 
now! Building on the same Mozilla platform as the newest Firefox 
release, it delivers the latest developments in web technologies.

SeaMonkey 2.6 Beta 3 is available in 24 languages, for Windows, Mac OS X 
and Linux.

Most notably, this release series features for the first time:

     Added support for the HTML5 "context menu" feature (contextmenu 
     Print Preview is now available in Composer
     About SeaMonkey (about:) shows the update channel now
     Added Type Inference, significantly improving JavaScript performance
     Added support for querying Do Not Track status via JavaScript
     Added support for font-stretch
     Improved support for text-overflow
     Improved standards support for HTML5, MathML, and CSS
     Fixed several stability issues

For a more complete list of major changes in SeaMonkey 2.6, see the 
What's New in SeaMonkey 2.6 section of the Release Notes, which also 
contain a list of known issues and answers to frequently asked 
questions. For a more general overview of the SeaMonkey project (and 
screen shots!), visit

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~Justin Wood (Callek)