From:  johnjbarton <>
Date:  17 May 2010 22:48:28 Hong Kong Time

Re: XULrunner with FB/CB ??


On 5/17/2010 4:21 AM, gNeandr wrote:
>   [13.05.2010 17:18]  »johnjbarton« wrote:
>> On 5/13/2010 4:33 AM, gNeandr wrote:
>>> Anyone having a reference how to use Firebug/chromebug for a standalone
>>> XULrunner development?
>> I've not tried this, but my first effort would be to put both
>> Chromebug 1.6a10 and Firebug 1.6a10 in the xul runner extension
>> directory and open the app with command line option -chromebug. You
>> may have to run a couple of times to get the xpcom regitration to work.
>> jjb
> Hi John,
> still trying to get firebug (and later on chromebug) working with
> XULrunner and also Thunderbird. I have "some" success already ;-) .

But if you start with chromebug, which already has some accommodation 
for non-firefox applications, then you can use it to solve the firebug 

> For Thunderbird I added the FB 1.6X0a9 using the normal Add-On Manager.
> To get seeing a minimum within TB I added the following line to
> extensions\\chrome.manifest:
> overlay chrome://messenger/content/messenger.xul
> chrome://firebug/content/browserOverlay.xul
> With that I have the fb icon on the statusbar and context menu with it,
> but using it, it throws this error:
> Error: Firebug is null
> Source file: chrome://messenger/content/messenger.xul
> Line: 1

I guess the code is compiling but the initializers are not running.  The 
"Line: 1" is just a mozilla bug.

You can try to set these options true

See also


> without doing anything (I would like to use the "Open Firebug in new
> window").
> Totally the same with XULrunner.
> Here I used Firefox 3.6 as the host and start it with an .ini file. This
> setup has a very rudimentary XUL definition including
> .
> So using the Add-On Manager (AOM) here and modifying the chrome.manifest
> also, the result is the same as with Thunderbird.
> has the icon, using it throws error, opens the context menu, but no
> further action possible.
> FYI: With the mini XULrunner app I added (with AOM) console2.xpi without
> any modifications. It works well in a separate window.
> Hope you can help here.
> For the XULrunner part my idea is to add some XUL/JS menu structures to
> speak directly to the firebug functions.
> Günter