From:  gNeandr <neandr_NO@SPAM_gmx_._de>
Date:  17 May 2010 19:21:42 Hong Kong Time

Re: XULrunner with FB/CB ??


   [13.05.2010 17:18]    »johnjbarton« wrote:
> On 5/13/2010 4:33 AM, gNeandr wrote:
>> Anyone having a reference how to use Firebug/chromebug for a standalone
>> XULrunner development?
> I've not tried this, but my first effort would be to put both 
> Chromebug 1.6a10 and Firebug 1.6a10 in the xul runner extension 
> directory and open the app with command line option -chromebug. You 
> may have to run a couple of times to get the xpcom regitration to work.
> jjb
Hi John,
still trying to get firebug (and later on chromebug) working with 
XULrunner and also Thunderbird. I have "some" success already ;-) .

For Thunderbird I added the FB 1.6X0a9 using the normal Add-On Manager.
To get seeing a minimum within TB I added the following line to 

    overlay chrome://messenger/content/messenger.xul

With that I have the fb icon on the statusbar and context menu with it, 
but using it, it throws this error:

    Error: Firebug is null
    Source file: chrome://messenger/content/messenger.xul
    Line: 1

without doing anything (I would like to use the "Open Firebug in new 

Totally the same with XULrunner.
Here I used Firefox 3.6 as the host and start it with an .ini file. This 
setup has a very rudimentary XUL definition including


So using the Add-On Manager (AOM) here and modifying the chrome.manifest 
also, the result is the same as with Thunderbird.
has the icon, using it throws error, opens the context menu, but no 
further action possible.

FYI:  With the mini XULrunner app I added (with AOM) console2.xpi 
without any modifications. It works well in a separate window.

Hope you can help here.
For the XULrunner part my idea is to add some XUL/JS menu structures to 
speak directly to the firebug functions.