From:  "John J. Barton" <>
Date:  17 Jan 2010 02:58:06 Hong Kong Time

Re: Chromebug 1.6a3


LeslieM wrote:
> On Jan 14, 6:36 pm, John J Barton  wrote:
>> Please update to this version of Chromebug and let me know of problems.
>> jjb
> I am having a problem with dialog debugging - this existed in prior
> ChromeBug builds too.
> Scenario:
> I breakpoint on this line in browser.xul for my extension:
> window.openDialog('chrome://myApp/content/myAppLogin.xul', 'login',
> 'chrome,dialog,modal,resizable,centerscreen', gBrowser, retVals);
> No problem so far - I hit the breakpoint and Chromebug is active.
> Then if I try to "step into", I do not hit a breakpoint in the OnLoad
> function in my dialog - the dialog is displayed without a breakpoint.
> It would be nice if there was some easy way to "step into" a dialog.
> Is that possible?

Yes it should be possible. But I can't guess on how to fix these kinds 
of problems because there is no documentation or information on what 
happens to the js/platform runtime when you issue window.openDialog(). 
So the only way I can even look into this is if I have a simple 
extension example that demos the problem. I'll run it in Chromebug and 
look at what happens then cook up a fix.