From:  "John J. Barton" <>
Date:  01 Jan 2010 02:41:19 Hong Kong Time

Re: How to use Chromebug to debug a trusted window?


Robert Goldman wrote:
> firefox -chromebug -chrome chrome://myextension/content/myextension.xul
> Unfortunately, when I do this, the chromebug console doesn't have
> access to my window.  Chromebug says:
> "Reload to activate window console"

Ignore that message. It is from Firebug code and does not relate to 
Chromebug. I'll try to suppress the message.

> but as far as I can tell, there's no way to reload a -chrome window.
> Certainly there's no menu item or what-have-you.  This means I'm left
> without a way to debug my program.

Do you have a context named "chrome://myextension/content/myextension.xul"?

> Any explanation of how I can open a trusted window with chromebug so
> that I can debug my application would be very, very, very gratefully
> received!

I don't know what a trusted window is. The 'console' function in 
Chromebug is not something I use so the most likely explanation is 
simply that there is a bug in chromebug. But first we need to know if 
you see the context.