From:  Gordon Stewart <>
Date:  18 May 2015 11:36:10 Hong Kong Time

Re: Is This List Active?


i dont use this group.

actually i thought i was on the 'discuss' list, & not the
'accessability'  list. But that group has died off too..

On Mon, May 18, 2015 at 2:42 PM, David Goldfield
> Hello. I attempted to rejoin this list, only to find out that I've been
> subscribed for some time. I've received no traffic from this list in quite
> some time and just wanted to know if anyone was still
> reading/monitored/subscribed.
> As a way of reintroduction, I'm a visually impaired user of both Firefox and
> Thunderbird. I am an assistive technology product trainer and so I have
> access to the latest versions of JAWS and Window-Eyes at work but NVDA is my
> primary screen reader of choice. I hope the list is still being maintained
> as I look forward to any future discussion.
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