From:  Gordon Stewart <>
Date:  08 Mar 2015 09:59:02 Hong Kong Time

Joining a Mozilla Thunderbird forum ?? Email problems



Can anyone advise what is the easiest /quickest way to jointhe mozsilla thunderbird FORUM ?

- went to

found your support area

- i found the forum area (yay) :-

However, my email address is already registered.

I try to reset my password, enter my email address & user-Id, but this combination does not work.

Theres no way / option that I can find (on the forum) so i can reset / remind myself / obtain my user ID.

I cant reset my password, unless i know my user-Id & i cant reset / find my user-ID.

THEN - I found this forum on Google groups.!newtopic/mozilla.accessibility

QUESTION: Where is the official / formal Mozilla Thunderbird forum ?

my error message :- "An error occurred while sending mail. The mail server responded: Temporary local problem - please try later. Please check the message
recipient (EMAIL ADDRESS) and try again"

- i'm located in New zealand. I do not use my NZ ISP email services at all - in any capacity.

- I'm connected to a USA based organisation, but multiple servers around the work (for website), & a few email servers.

I've been connecting to thee email servers for weeks/months with no problems. Other folk using these servers today have no problems.

QUESTION: Can someone advise the easiest way that I can determine the root cause of this error message.