From:  Steve Lee <>
Date:  11 Jan 2015 19:07:29 Hong Kong Time

Re: Accessibility of Firefox OS



In order to work on any specific device the vendor must provided a few
binary files which unfortunately they make proprietary so Mozilla
can't redistribute them. This means you can only run on certain
devices. Mozilla is obviously very keen to remove this limitation but
the vendors are the problem for now, at least until they GET what open

Mozilla development effort is focussed on phone devices only, though
others like Matchstick and Panasonic are now using it on other

Here is a list of phones that are available with FFxOS - The Flame is
the reference device used by Mozilla developers and staff.

If you don't have a device you can use the simulator in the Firefox
WebIDE, on your desktop or a couple of other ways (not in link below
Gaia means the FirefoxOS Apps, including the home screen)

While the TCP program was exploring the issues raised running FFxOS on
tablets this has now pretty much wound down. While there were builds
for the specific tablet there are a number of open issues specific to
the device and format and these are fairly low priority to be fixed.
Also the device is stuck at Android KitKat whereas mobile builds have
moved on to Lollipop (Android is used for some very basic services).

Personally I would love to have a fully accessible FireFoxOS on tablets.

You'll find links in the above to find out more Have fun.

Steve Lee
Steve Lee

On 10 January 2015 at 18:26, Ralph Giles  wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 9, 2015 at 10:06 PM, Joanne Chua  wrote:
>> Just wondering, for the very moment, in order for me to install
>> Firefox OS, i need to have an Android tablet and reformat the tab
>> before i can do a clean FFOS install is that right?
> Something like that. Unfortunately it's still quite difficult to
> obtain developer hardware for testing. If you mean the Foxconn tablet
> from, if you can find the
> android version of the hardware you can probably reflash it with an
> experimental Firefox OS build. There are no automated updates
> available, so you'll need to be (or become) comfortable with
> downloading and installing updates from another computer running a
> desktop operating system. Please also be aware that the tablet version
> of Firefox OS is still at an early stage, so there are often problems
> with nightly builds.
> If you live in Australia, you can buy the ZTE Open C phone. It comes
> with Firefox OS 1.3, but I think it's possible to reflash it with the
> 'flame' developer phone images to test in-development features like
> the screen reader. Of course that's a smaller form factor, but the
> software is better supported. See for example
> Hope that helps, and thanks for your interest,
>  -r
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