From:  Marco Zehe <>
Date:  09 Sep 2014 22:04:53 Hong Kong Time

Re: Firefox Sometimes Not Responding to Quick Navigation Keys


Thanks, Dan!

I could not consistently reproduce this using a Freedom Scientific Focus
14 Blue, but have filed the bug in any case:


On 03.09.2014 14:03, Dan Brown wrote:
> Dear Marco,
> Thank you for your response. I wasn't certain whether navigation was
> active from the menubar, but figured it probably wasn't. Here is a
> list of steps that will hopefully allow you to recreate the issue.
> 1. I opened FF and clicked the web address shown at the top left of
> the menubar.
> 2. I navigated right one item to "Enter search or address:," and
> entered .
> 3. I Navigated down until focus was on "Main Menu" which is a link.
> 4. I tried pressing H for Heading, G for Graphic, and L for List, all
> of which are elements on this page. In all three cases, nothing happened.
> I hope this helps. As I said, this behavior is intermittent, so I hope
> you're able to reproduce.
> Dan
> On September 3, 2014 2:43:30 AM CDT, Marco Zehe 
> wrote:
>     Hi Dan,
>     focus needs to be on some page element for quick navigation keys to
>     work. So if, for example, the page loads, but one is in the upper area
>     with the menu button or the awesome bar in TalkBack focus, quick
>     navigation won't work. Can you make sure TalkBack is in the web content
>     area if you see this failure next time?
>     Thanks,
>     Marco
>     On 02.09.2014 19:19, Dan Brown wrote:
>         Greetings, I am using Firefox on a Samsung Tab S, along with
>         both Talkback and Brailleback. About 50% of the time, after a
>         page has fully loaded, Firefox refuses to respond to quick
>         navigation keys that I press on my braille display's keyboard.
>         For example, H to navigate to the next heading, or G to jump
>         to the next graphic. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to
>         nail down precisely when this happens, as it seems completely
>         random. Navigation sometimes resumes if I close out Firefox
>         from Recent Apps and then launch it again, but not always.
>         Please let me know if I can provide further information to
>         narrow this down a bit, and I'll be happy to assist. Dan --
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