From:  Dan Brown <>
Date:  06 Sep 2014 13:11:57 Hong Kong Time

Edit Fields Not Activated When Routing Key Pressed



I am using a Brailliant braille display along with Brailleback on my Samsung Tab S.  90% of the time, when I press one of the Brailliant's routing keys over an edit field, Talkback announces, "Editing," and the blinking braille cursor appears in the edit area.  However, nothing that I type on the Brailliant keyboard is entered into the edit field.  I must first double-tap on the Tab S screen, hear Talkback confirm that editing has started, and then may enter text from the Brailliant.

Occasionally, when a Subject field and a main text area are present, pressing a router key while over the main text area will cause editing to begin in the Subject field instead.  (This most frequently occurs on a journaling site I use,

Please let me know if any additional details would be helpful.


Sent from Samsung Tab S