From:  David Weir <>
Date:  03 Sep 2014 03:35:28 Hong Kong Time

SuMo needs you help


Dear Accessibility Community,

SuMo is working on a training for contributors and we need your help. We
are investigating for topics that should be covered for each product and
would like to reach out for you for some help. The following areas are
where we are looking for help:

Topics: Topics for each product are being gathered to make sure that the
contributors providing support know what to recommend.

Resources: Would you or another group like to be a point of contact when a
user starts the training? Or do you have any recommended features that
should be covered? Please email us.

If there are any add ons that you would recommend we would also like to
hear about them.  They will not be supported, but the addons will have
support sites. Thank you.

Meeting notes

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