From:  Dan Brown <>
Date:  01 Sep 2014 00:10:03 Hong Kong Time

Activating Menu in Firefox Restricts Brailleback Navigation



I am using Firefox for Android on a Samsung Tab S, and use both Talkback and Brailleback.  Normally, when I wish to activate a particular control with my Braille display, I press the touch cursor above one of the cells containing the text label.  
In Firefox, when I do this over the Menu control at the top of the screen, I receive the audible confirmation that this has been done, but I am then not allowed to move away from the top menu bar.  I can move in-between the website name on the far left, and the Menu control on the far right, but nowhere else using Brailleback commands.  However, when I swipe on the tablet screen, I am allowed to move passed the top menu bar, and find the regular Menu options such as Share and Settings.

Is there a way of allowing Brailleback navigation when Menu is activated?

Thank you.  


Sent from Samsung Tab S