From:  Florian Wille <>
Date:  19 Aug 2014 14:31:01 Hong Kong Time

Firefox High Contrast


Hi List,

I recently discoverred that Firefox 31.0.0esr does not respect High 
Contrast setting from Win7, I posted it to the ESR List... Now I 
discover that 24.7.0esr doesn't either in XFCE. Since I know 24.7.0esr 
is capable of High Contrast Mode from Win7 I suppose its XFCE not 
setting the right flag, which brings me to my questions:

- How does Firefox recognize a OS is set to High Contrast?
- Is it possible to set Firefox to High Contrast even if it has not 
recognized it from OS, or OS is set to sth. else?
- How does the High Contrast Mechannism work, are colors read from OS or 
predefined, are css/userchrome files involved?

THX for helping out

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