From:  Stanimir Stamenkov <>
Date:  10 Mar 2013 21:10:30 Hong Kong Time

Re: New reader


Fri, 01 Mar 2013 12:01:16 -0500, /RussCA/:

> From my perspective, I have not seen much accessibility
> consideration in either program.  I used to use addons that at least
> allowed me to operate in white on black, often with a lot of
> clicking.  However, such addons seem to have gone away.  Why the
> reluctance to make accessibility for visually impaired users a part
> of these programs?

Not sure which addons have you previously used, but you may use a 
"custom button" extension like:

"Custom Buttons" 

To add a convenient button to switch the "Allow pages to choose 
their on colors, instead of my selections" (in Firefox) preference 
quickly.  I've previously used "Custom Buttons" and the following 

var prefs = Components.classes[";1"]
var value = prefs.getBoolPref("use_document_colors");
prefs.setBoolPref("use_document_colors", !value);

I've also previously requested that the given setting could be 
applied on per-page/view basis: