From:  RussCA <>
Date:  03 Mar 2013 20:15:39 Hong Kong Time

Re: How accessible is


On 1/30/2013 4:12 PM, Roland MoCo Tanglao wrote:
> Hello Accessibility Folks:
> I  know nothing so please forgive my ignorance
> so dumb meta question:
> How can i determine if something how accessbile something is?
> e.g. How accessible is ?
> i am prepared to RTFM if you have a link to some sort of "busy technical
> person's guide to accessibility"
> Merci!
> ...Roland "Firefox for Android Support Coordinator" Tanglao
Greetings, Roland from another newbie here!

To me, number 3 is the most "accessible", because it has all high 
contrast.  The others have a mixture of low or at best mediocre 
contrast and somewhat better contrast.

I think the industry trend is to use low contrast.  For my vision, using 
a faded color (light blue, green, red, etc.) on a blazing white 
background is at best problematical and at worst unreadable by me.

The problem with "guidelines", which seem to be the way the current 
trend is leaning, is that they are unenforceable.  I believe that it 
will always be up to the user's device to render the bad or unreadable 
presentations into something that can at least be read.  A "guideline" 
is like having environmental "suggestions" while relying on "voluntary 
compliance."  It doesn't work.