From:  RussCA <>
Date:  02 Mar 2013 01:01:16 Hong Kong Time

New reader


Hello.  I am new to the newsgroup, although I have been posting 
accessibility messages in the Thunderbird and Firefox forums for a long 

My observation is that there appears to be a reluctance on the part of 
Mozilla to take accessibility issues seriously.  When I complain about 
having difficulties reading web pages or something in TB, and suggest a 
button that would at least invert the colors, or better yet be 
sufficiently cogent to leave images alone, there are generally some 
responses of the form, "I can't STAND white text on black!"

 From my perspective, I have not seen much accessibility consideration 
in either program.  I used to use addons that at least allowed me to 
operate in white on black, often with a lot of clicking.  However, such 
addons seem to have gone away.  Why the reluctance to make accessibility 
for visually impaired users a part of these programs?

A rival browser has such an addon, and it works just fine.  But over all 
I prefer Firefox as it is not a resource hog.

Does Mozilla really not care about 1/3 of its actual or potential users?