From:  David Bolter <>
Date:  01 Feb 2013 23:23:19 Hong Kong Time

Re: Bugzilla


Hi DavidW,

Thanks for posting this. I wanted to wait a bit before replying to
give others time to reply.

As you know, I do not think adding a high level Component for
Accessibility would help get the work done and it might actually keep
accessibility bugs out of the radar of the actual developers who should
be reacting to them. Accessibility is a first class citizen at Mozilla,
alongside Performance, Security, Usability etc. These themes apply
across all our products and related bugs are all best filed directly
against the existing products/components where they will be fixed.

To make it more concrete: a security bug against a website is still a
website bug. An accessibility bug against a website is still a website
bug. Website developers and QA that monitor website bugs should see them
as part of their regular bugzilla workflow.

Accessibility is part of everything we do. The access keyword allows us
to way to track accessibility issues across our products.


On 2013-01-30 12:11 PM, My Gmail wrote:
> Hi all looking for your feedback 
> Solution 1 we setup a accessibility component
> And add the following
> Firefox
> Thunderbird
> Firefox for android
> B2G
> Websites
> Other products
> Or we just keep to the access tag and the current setup
> For me the first option would be better
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