From:  David Bolter <>
Date:  01 Feb 2013 23:19:38 Hong Kong Time

Re: How accessible is


Hi Roland!

Sorry for the delay. To start, I recommend the distilled WCAG checklist
from WebAIM which we made notes on here:

You'll want to open the "WebAIM WCAG 2.0 check list" (linked on the
wiki) alongside our notes on the sections (directly in the wiki).

I hope this helps. Feedback is very welcome.


On 2013-01-30 4:12 PM, Roland MoCo Tanglao wrote:
> Hello Accessibility Folks:
> I  know nothing so please forgive my ignorance
> so dumb meta question:
> How can i determine if something how accessbile something is?
> e.g. How accessible is ?
> i am prepared to RTFM if you have a link to some sort of "busy technical
> person's guide to accessibility"
> Merci!
> ...Roland "Firefox for Android Support Coordinator" Tanglao
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