From:  pratik chandra <>
Date:  20 Oct 2012 12:16:06 Hong Kong Time

a minor feature request



        Can we have an option to "SINGLE PAGE BROWSING MODE" or
alternatively "DO NOT USE TABS" in the firefox???

I know it sounds stupid, but the fact remains, I very often want to
have just a single tab opened up - NO NEW WINDOWS, NO NEW TABS,
nothing else. Just one web page that I want to focus on. While online,
despite my very best efforts, in a matter of hour or so, my browser is
cluttered with uncountable number of tabs(previously windows), which I
don't even remember what I opened for. I used a couple of
plugins(tabkiller, tab utilities, etc) to somewhat get to what I
wanted, but now those plugins are either incompatible or just dont
have the exact feature I wanted.

        I hope this is not a very big ask, and having an option won't
hurt anyone. Thanks.

Sincerest regards,