From:  Jonathan Nadeau <>
Date:  08 Oct 2012 00:15:23 Hong Kong Time

firefox accessibility


Hello List,

I'm a blind linux user running Ubuntu and the gnome desktop. Both 
firefox and thunderbird run great when I'm using the Gnome desktop. Here 
is my problem...

I've managed to get the XFCE desktop accessible with the Orca screen 
reader in Ubuntu. The entire desktop and almost all of the programs in 
XFCE are accessible. The problem I'm having is when I open either 
Firefox or Thunderbird Orca stops working. But when I close these 
programs then Orca starts to work again just fine. I can log out of 
using the XFCE desktop and log into the Gnome desktop and Firefox and 
Thunderbird are accessible to Orca. But when I log out of Gnome and back 
into XFCE both Firefox and Thunderbird become inaccessible again. I'm 
not sure what I'm missing in the XFCE desktop that the Gnome desktop has 
that is making Firefox and Thunderbird accessible. Something is not 
getting passed to the accesibility stack in XFCE that is in Gnome i'm 
assuming. But I don't really know. Any help would be greatly 
appreciated. I'm working on building accessible Linux distro using 
Ubuntu for blind and low vision people and this problem is the last 
hurdle preventing me from finishing this project. Thanks for your time 
and help.