From:  Swarnava Sengupta <>
Date:  16 Sep 2012 12:11:17 Hong Kong Time

Migrating Bugs from Bugzilla to SUMO


For those of you who have contributed on the Mozilla bug database
(, one of the largest long-standing problems is
when a lost user will post a bug report that is actually a support
request. Support requests on Bugzilla aren't helpful to users, as BMO
is not very user friendly, nor is it an effective platform for

So, to help alleviate this problem, and both make things easier for
contributors and improve our support for users, we have written a step
by step guide on how to manually move a bug from BMO to SUMO. This
will give users a better support experience, and help clean up
Bugzilla's database a bit.

You can read the guide here[1]. Please pass any questions or feedback
you have to me. And of course, if you have a few free cycles, please
look through Bugzilla and if you see any user support request, forward
them on to SUMO. Thanks!