From:  juergen sorg <>
Date:  19 Dec 2018 15:25:17 Hong Kong Time

scrollbars of listboxes not working in ff 63



i have a problem with firefox, which first occur when updating from ff 
62.0.3 to 63.x.
you can find 2 screenshots: one using ff 62.0.3 ( ) and one using ff 63.0 ( ) , which shows the problem:

list boxes generated by a javascript library (smartgwt) are not 
displayed and usable correctly with ff 63.
1. the content is overlapping
2. the scrollbars are not working (nothing happens when clicking on the 
arrow at top or bottom of the scrollbar). also scrolling by mouse wheel 
is not working.

maybe someone can give me a hint what the reason can be for that.

thanks in advance

regards juergen