From:  BuddyB <>
Date:  16 Jan 2017 23:54:41 Hong Kong Time

I have been..


..using Firefox/Thunderbird for years, and loving it. All of a sudden I 
can no longer paste into the body of the email. I do have auto upgrades 
and it seems to have happened with the latest upgrade. Also I cannot 
forward graphics period. When I attempt all I see are links which is not 
sufficient. I also tried to sign in to the community and it would not 
allow; did this about four to five times with the screen showing an 
email to be sent..which never happened.

My question is, if I re-download and install will it destroy my address 
book. All this began when I made a donation throwing me off just a bit. 
I'm a die-hard Ff/Tb fan, so I hope I can be helped through this.