From:  Bernard Tyers <>
Date:  23 Aug 2016 04:37:56 Hong Kong Time

Re: Devroom at FOSDEM about accessibility


Hi Jean-Philippe,

In case you haven't seen, the FOSDEM devroom call is now open:

Is there any update on your submission of an a11y room? I'd love to know


On 09/07/2016 19:27, MENGUAL Jean-Philippe wrote:
> Hi,
> After 1,5 year of intensive dialog with community, I still see that the
> main problem of accessibility is missing of knowledge (why, how), as
> well as wrong ideas (e.g. I need to create a speech synth, etc). And
> mail is not enough, devs need to see concretely how things happen, what
> is possible, why, etc. Just guidelines and principles could be written.
> I also think if big projects could ship accessibility in their strategy,
> it could change everything and create a more global movement.
> To help this, I plan to gather people at Brussels, FOSDEM 2017 (likely
> 4-5th February). I imagine we could talk about it for 2 days, as follows:
> 0. Why accessibility needs to make part of free software: myself
> 1. Technical general introduction: Samuel Thibault
> 2. The solutions in GUI: at-spi and derivatives (Alejandro Pinero)
> 3. Sending to assistive techno what's needed: Ma!io Lang
> 4. Shipping non-reg tests in unit tests: Samuel
> 5. Focus on Mozilla suite problems: discuss between Mozilla a11y
> responsible and a member of Hypra team and Samuel and anyone who want to
> help. Idea: identifying reported bugs and a process to help fixing them
> easily, even with volunteers.
> 6. Focus on LibreOffice: Michael Meeks, Jacob (Igalia) or other devs, a
> Rypra member, anyone to help. We'd introduce our full round of bugs, the
> LO online issue, and see what skills are needed to fix what and how we
> can catch them.
> 7. Focus on MATE: problems with 1.14, fixes, hacking, squphing
> If people want, sub-workshops are possible about:
> 0. What about in GNU guidelines: Chris Hofstader or Luca Saiu
> 1. The braille future on GNU/Linux
> 2. The major remaining problems (sound, etc)
> 3. etc
> My purpose is to make devs and a11y experts meet, so that devs
> understand what is a11y, what is implied, etc. I plan to write a full
> document to keep track on our meeting, and let it available publicly.
> And having action plan for all communities present (reference documents,
> guidelines, etc).
> What do you think of it? Would you be (or do you think of someone)
> available to work with us?
> If you accept, I'll submit to FOSDEM, then:
> - see with your respective employeers if they can pay for your travel
> - for others, I'll request to Debian if they can help and will find
> additional funds.
> Regards,