From:  MENGUAL Jean-Philippe <>
Date:  10 Jul 2016 02:27:52 Hong Kong Time

Devroom at FOSDEM about accessibility



After 1,5 year of intensive dialog with community, I still see that the
main problem of accessibility is missing of knowledge (why, how), as
well as wrong ideas (e.g. I need to create a speech synth, etc). And
mail is not enough, devs need to see concretely how things happen, what
is possible, why, etc. Just guidelines and principles could be written.

I also think if big projects could ship accessibility in their strategy,
it could change everything and create a more global movement.

To help this, I plan to gather people at Brussels, FOSDEM 2017 (likely
4-5th February). I imagine we could talk about it for 2 days, as follows:
0. Why accessibility needs to make part of free software: myself
1. Technical general introduction: Samuel Thibault
2. The solutions in GUI: at-spi and derivatives (Alejandro Pinero)
3. Sending to assistive techno what's needed: Ma!io Lang
4. Shipping non-reg tests in unit tests: Samuel
5. Focus on Mozilla suite problems: discuss between Mozilla a11y
responsible and a member of Hypra team and Samuel and anyone who want to
help. Idea: identifying reported bugs and a process to help fixing them
easily, even with volunteers.
6. Focus on LibreOffice: Michael Meeks, Jacob (Igalia) or other devs, a
Rypra member, anyone to help. We'd introduce our full round of bugs, the
LO online issue, and see what skills are needed to fix what and how we
can catch them.
7. Focus on MATE: problems with 1.14, fixes, hacking, squphing

If people want, sub-workshops are possible about:
0. What about in GNU guidelines: Chris Hofstader or Luca Saiu
1. The braille future on GNU/Linux
2. The major remaining problems (sound, etc)
3. etc

My purpose is to make devs and a11y experts meet, so that devs
understand what is a11y, what is implied, etc. I plan to write a full
document to keep track on our meeting, and let it available publicly.
And having action plan for all communities present (reference documents,
guidelines, etc).

What do you think of it? Would you be (or do you think of someone)
available to work with us?

If you accept, I'll submit to FOSDEM, then:
- see with your respective employeers if they can pay for your travel
- for others, I'll request to Debian if they can help and will find
additional funds.



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