From:  Yura Zenevich <>
Date:  12 Apr 2016 21:02:17 Hong Kong Time

Re: Tabbing through links in Firefox?


Hi Chris,

I’m guessing you are asking about Firefox on OSX. In order to get access to more controls with keyboard in Firefox you need to set Full Keyboard Access setting to All controls in Keyboard settings in System preferences.

Would that work for you?


From: Chris Mills 
Reply: Chris Mills 
Date: April 12, 2016 at 8:59:56 AM
Subject:  Tabbing through links in Firefox?  


This sounds like a really stupid question to ask, but how do you move through links using only the keyboard in Firefox? Every other browser seems able to handle this using just the tab key (except for Safari, which has already been rubbish for keyboard accessibility), but Fx doesn’t seem to, at least not anymore (I’m sure it used to…)


Chris Mills
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