From:  mattias jonsson <>
Date:  23 Jun 2015 17:10:07 Hong Kong Time

SV: Firefox accessibility on Mac devices


But marco?
What about the old old firevox extension?

Från: Marco Zehe []
Skickat: den 23 juni 2015 03:24
Till: Michal Stanke
Kopia: mattias jonsson;
Ämne: Re: Firefox accessibility on Mac devices

Sorry, I don't think there is a cross-platform screen reader. There is also no alternative to VoiceOver on OS X.

In any case, the problem is with Firefox, which does not properly support all Mac accessibility APIs yet.


Am Montag, 22. Juni 2015 schrieb Michal Stanke :
May I ask, are there any alternative solutions, which can be used instead of VoiceOver without similar limitations? Maybe e.g. something multiplatform which works fine also on Linux/Windows?
Michal Stanke
Dne 17.6.2015 v 10:33 Michal Stanke napsal(a):
Thank you Marco,

I wish you to be able to start moving forward with the VoiceOver support as soon as possible and will tell the user.

Michal Stanke
Dne 17.6.2015 v 10:28 Marco Zehe napsal(a):
Hi Michael, Mattias,
the basic support should be enabled as soon as VoiceOver starts, or if it is already running when Firefox is launched. Note that there may be an issue with the initial import wizard not being accessible. After that is done, some basic, but badly performant, accessibility is there. We're sorry about this, but lack of resources is causing us to not be as far with accessibility on the Mac as we would.
So the recommendation, for now, is to use one of the two alternative browsers Safari or Chrome on OS X with VoiceOver.
Marco from the Mozilla accessibility team

On Wed, Jun 17, 2015 at 10:24 AM, Michal Stanke > wrote:
Thank you Mattias. Do you know about any settings which can prevent VoiceOver to work with Firefox at all or tips for troubleshoot, so I can tell the user to try them?

Michal Stanke

Dne 17.6.2015 v 10:03 mattias jonsson napsal(a):

        It work but the performance are not good

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Ämne: Firefox accessibility on Mac devices


I am Czech community member. We've received a report from blind user, that Firefox for Mac is not accessible with VoiceOver.
Unfortunately we do not have any Apple device to help him or even test/confirm the issue. Is there any special setting needed to make it work properly?

Best regards
Michal Stanke

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