From:  "Rich Caloggero" <>
Date:  23 Jun 2015 09:47:58 Hong Kong Time

Firefox and live regions with Jaws


I've noticed a regression in the past two major versions of jaws whereby 
text accumulating in a live region will speak based on the attributes on the 
live region, but it is not shown in the virtual buffer until you manually 
refresh the page.  Of course, this also happens on any change to the page, 
whether it happens to be marked up as a live region or not, but the live 
region case is perhaps the most interesting because Jaws obviously knows the 
DOM has changed, but is not responding to it properly.

Am I correct in assuming that this is a Jaws issue, or does it have 
something to do with a possible change in the way firefox notifies assistive 
technologies of DOM changes?  It does not happen with Jaws in IE for 
instance, but nor does it happen with NVDA and firefox.

I've contacted FreedomScientific many times, but they do not recognize the 

See the following for a simple test case:

-- Rich